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I started photography and journaling in earnest nearly three years ago. I shoot with a digital camera and therefore shoot plenty of photos—last image count 12,000— the word count of the journal has grown to 871,853 words, millions of keystrokes from a two-finger typist. Why photography and journaling? They are integral to my five-year-plan; its theme is “Just Try.”.

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Why Photography, Videography, and Storytelling? Because I can see the profound beauty of God in all creation and it humbles me, and God loves a humble and contrite heart. In silence, I pause to witness the sunrise, sunset, a flower, bees at work, and a bird in flight, I can hear His soft sweet voice. I so want to share the beauty that is before me. I can imagine many lonely souls need this beauty and Love. As I travel incredible stories, and testimonies of living life to the fullest find me —This is why I love visual storytelling. God Chaser

A life void of worry and angst, a paradise of childhood joy.

Why do we worry? We spend most of our days in fear and angst, and it bears bad fruit; coronary disease, alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, and all woes of today’s world. Is it possible to cast off all inhibitions and regain our childhood live in the moment persona? Scripture tells us this is the life we should live; become children again: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” ~ Matthew 18:3.

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Honor God in everything you do

Honor God in everything you do

Honor God in everything you do Especially when the task stretches your ability. Honoring God in what comes easy is like emailing a birthday card. Glorifying God in the challenging, nearly impossible, distasteful chores is chasing the heart of God. Most of the tasks I...

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Desperation A report from the Costs of War project at Brown University revealed that 20 years of post-9/11 wars have cost the U.S. an estimated $8 trillion and have killed more than 900,000 people. America has given roughly $76 billion in support to Ukraine, which has...

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